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How this works!

1. Dream of your Tiny Home

We recommend using our gallery for inspiration as well as other sources such as Pinterest, or browsing the web. Save all of the pictures that inspire you so we can understand what you want. If you can tell us your needs and show us pictures of what you want, we can provide a quote at no cost!

We can also help provide a completely custom design and work with you on every little detail. Just reach out for more info on design help! The process is as follows:

  1. Email us at

  2. Pay $150 design fee via PayPal (we will send link to pay)

  3. We we have a 1 hour design consultation over the phone

  4. We will have our custom design quote within 3-5 days

2. Estimate the cost to build 

Once you have an idea of the style and design you are looking for, reach out to us to move onto getting your quote! We pride ourselves on being an average of 30% less versus other Tiny Home builders. We will provide a quote to you after step 1 listed above. You will use this signed quote to get financed.


3. Get Financed (We have a partner recommendation with American Financial Group)


Email us at:

Simply put "Interested in Financing" in the email subject line

4. Contact us when you are ready to build!

Email us at and let us know you are ready to build! We will ask that you have your financial approval letter to show us you're ready to go! Once we finish the final steps, sign the online contract, and get the first 30% deposit made, we will get construction started!

5. Construction!

Our builds take 3-4 months from design to delivery. Once we are done finalizing your design, we will start the build! After 45 days of construction, we will require the next 30% payment (If you are financed with American Financial Group or another bank, they will pay us directly so you will not have to worry about it) Once we are are complete with building your new Tiny Home, we will then collect the next 30% payment.

6. Delivery & Set-Up!


We will schedule a delivery date that works for you. Upon delivery, we will set up the Tiny House for you (I.e. we will level it on the trailer jacks, plug it into your water supply & electricity to test all systems with you.) Upon delivery, you will sign the title paperwork and we will then collect the final 10% payment. Welcome Home!!

Journeyman Years Tiny House-01.jpg
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